Future Projects

A project for the future is to establish a cold-cut production (one of the cellars has been designed for meat curing) as well as produce different types of marmalades and jams.

Appetizers, glasses of wine, cold starters and hot first courses chosen by the chef every day, steaks on the grill are what Erika and Giovanni offer outside the cellars during the August and September months. The smallest cellar will be used for cheese curing, as well as a selection of cheeses from the local producers.

Erika and Giovanni wish every customer to find comfort, good cuisine and a breath of history here at Antica Gardumo.

Antica Gardumo Ristorante
Via ai piani 1 - Ronzo Chienis (TN)
Tel 0464.802855 | Cell 328.7348872
Fax 0464.803207
P.I. 01815570229

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